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Problem testing modifs in yocto

Question asked by Aaron Padilla on Feb 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2017 by jimmychan

Hi everybody,


I am facing a problem modifying and testing for remapping my debug uart, so I am modifying .config, device tree and u-boot include files, below the location of files modified:








Buy the problem is at compilation time, if I run a  bitbake image compilation like:

bitbake core-image-minimal or bitbake -f core-image-base

Nothing changes in the deploy folder, then if I run a forced clean compilation

bitbake -c clean core-image-base

bitbake -f core-image-base

the generated .sdcard file is updated but I think that my modifications are not compiled


If I modify something in the source/somelayer/conf... the bitbake image ovverrides my modifications


I have tried too with the fsl-image-qt5


So, what is the correct procedure to modify some things like uboot, device tree, kernel config in the build folder and then force a compilation without update the files from the source?


Thanks in advance,