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DDR Register Programming aid to u-boot DCD?

Question asked by Jonah Petri on Feb 2, 2017
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I'm trying to modify the u-boot DCD for the i.MX7D sabresd board.  Specifically, I'm trying to use the DRAM Register Programming aid [1] to create a usable u-boot DCD, so that I can trust the tool enough to boot my own board later.


Is there a guide for transforming the tool's output into a DCD stanza?  I have programmed the spreadsheet with the values for the MT41K256M16HA-125 DDR chips which are present on the MCIMX7SABRE board.  Then I've taken the output of the script (which is in DStream format) and extracted just the DDR Controller Registers section onwards, changing the command format to match what the u-boot DCD file expects (DATA 4 0xhex 0xhex).  I've pasted this into the imximage.cfg file, and regenerated the u-boot.imx file.  I've burned this to a SD card, and tried to boot the board into u-boot.  (To check, a u-boot.imx created from the original, unmodified imximage.cfg file boots u-boot correctly.)

I would expect this to be able to at least boot the board, but I have had no luck.  Any advice would be appreciated!


[1] i.MX7D DRAM Register Programming Aid 

[2] original file: uboot-imx.git - Freescale i.MX u-boot Tree


My modified imximage.cfg and my modified DRAM programming aid spreadsheet are attached.

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