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MPC5777M FCCU fault injection

Question asked by Jordi Moreno on Feb 2, 2017


I have configured the FCCU in order to perform a Functional Reset in case of Error asserted on FCCU channel 15.

FCCU.RFS_CFG[0].R = 0xAAAAAAAA;  /* Configure Short Functional Reset */

/* Enable Errors */

FCCU.RF_E[0].R = 0x00008000;

/* Configure signaling */

FCCU.EOUT_SIG_EN[0].R= 0x00008000;


Then when I am writing to the FCC_RFF register (set to 15) then a reset is generated, but the FCCU remains in FAULT state. (Even if I clear the FCCU faults (FCCU.RF_S[X] = 0) at the initialization.)


I have tested with channel 7 and I get the same result (after reset FCCU remains in FAULT state)


Then, How to recover FCCU from an injected fault?


This is the register status just after the functional reset generated by FCCU when fault is injected:


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