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KL81 Flash memory Sector size

Question asked by Yin Yang on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2017 by Kerry Zhou



      In KL81 Reference manual (KL82P121M72SF0RM.pdf), section 4.1.2 (Page 77) states "

4.1.2 Flash memory sizes
The devices covered in this document contain:
• 1 block 128 KB of program flash consisting of 4 KB sectors"


      while in the same reference manual, section (page 710) states 

" Program Flash Memory Features
• Sector size of 2 KB
• Program flash protection scheme prevents accidental program or erase of stored data
• Program flash access control scheme prevents unauthorized access to selected code
• Automated, built-in, program and erase algorithms with verify"


        Which is the correct sector size I should refer to for KL81?