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Issue while initialising I2C0 for LPC43S67

Question asked by Neha Gandhi on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by Neha Gandhi

Hi LPC WARE LPCware Support

I am using LPC43S67 micro controller for firmware development. I am using I2C0 library Initialization functions provided in LPC open source for  configuring MPU60X0 as below

#define DEFAULT_I2C             I2C0
#define DEFAULT_MPU60X0_ADDR     0xD1
#define PWR_MGMT_1               0x6B
#define I2C_DEFAULT_SPEED        100000









       Chip_I2C_MasterSend(i2cDev, DEFAULT_MPU60X0_ADDR, pwr_mgmt_data, 2);


I am having arbitration lost error while executing below code

int Chip_I2C_MasterSend(I2C_ID_T id, uint8_t slaveAddr, const uint8_t *buff, uint8_t len)
     I2C_XFER_T xfer = {0};
    xfer.slaveAddr = slaveAddr;
    xfer.txBuff = buff;
    xfer.txSz = len;
    while (Chip_I2C_MasterTransfer(id, &xfer) == I2C_STATUS_ARBLOST) {}
    return len - xfer.txSz;


But I am not getting Clock on the SCL0 PMOD pin. I have provided pull up 1kOhm resistor on PMOD SDA0 and SCL0 pins as well.


Do I need to mention  explicitly in pin configuration for open drain i/o?


I am able to read the MPU values through I2C1 and getting the clock properly for I2C1 with below code.


#define I2C_DEFAULT_SPEED        100000






Is there any issue in the source code used while initializing I2C0 or there is any bug in LPC open source code for I2C0?


I have compared the code for I2C1 and I2C0, I didn't notice any specific change of registers as well except the value of event handler

In case of I2C0 -> event handler -> 0x1a0015f1

                  I2C1 -> event handler -> 0x1a0015ff.


I have already spent lot of time in debugging the issue, now i am not sure how to proceed and debug it further?