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LPC 1820 sometime will boot up fail !

Question asked by Chen Blake on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by Chen Blake

Hello All: 


We got a boot up problem.

Our project use the LPC1820FBD144, the power source from USB VBUS.

I take USB cable plug in and plug out repeatedly.

Or press the reset button  repeatedly

It sometime will boot up fail.

The failure rate is 1~2  / 10 time. 


Is that  Known Issue?  

Because of I found the documents " LPC18XX-RN.pdf "

It mentions the similar problem.

" In a few hundred reset cycles one cycle might fail with a Hard Fault right after PLL initialization code "

If it is this known issue, how can we do?

If anyone meet the same problem.

or ,

If anyone has solution can resolve it.