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POR/WDOG reset after few suspend/resume

Question asked by Andy Ho on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by vijayansivamani


We have a custom imx6q board which running modified android 4.4.3/5.x ga bsp (kernel 3.10.53, 3.14.28).

Some issue have found during long time suspend/resume test, so we use pm_test (core, 5 seconds suspend, 5 seconds resume) to speed up to duplicate the issues.


1. POR/WDG reset: after suspend/resume loops (1 days~3days), system will hang without any kernel / logcat message randomly, then system will reset after watchdog timeout, the uboot shows the reset cause is wdog, if we connect wdog pin to pmic, the reset casue will become POR. The issue can be found on sabresd-sdb with original bsp (POR, WDOG if remove wdog to pmic pin), add some code to reset wdog periodically can solve the issue. so we re-porting a clean bsp, only modify necessary drivers ( DDR/LCD/some GPIOS), but the issue is still exist.

2.sdhc failure: the sdhc failure is also found during suspend/resume test for all sdhc devices (MMC,WIFI,...), the fail message is timeout, and the system also reboot after watchdog timeout.


Hope someone can share experience related to solve those issue, thanks.