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PN7462: Reading/Writing multiple tags (ICODE SLIX TypeV) sequentially

Question asked by Mayank Sharma on Feb 1, 2017

Hi ,


Currently, example “NfcrdlibEx5_ISO15693” only reads/writes one tag out of four placed under antenna field as shown in setup image below. I used 4 NXP"s ICODE SLIX TypeV tags for test below. I also set device limit constant to 4 as mentioned in step 2 below.


I need help to modify example “NfcrdlibEx5_ISO15693” in such a way that it selects all four tag one by one and reads/writes data from tags.


Question: How to select different tags ( ICODE SLIX TypeV) under antenna field and read/write data to it one by one?


I followed following steps for test.


  1. Setup with 4 ICODE SLIX type V tags place in field.




2. “NfcrdlibEx5_ISO15693” is compiled in NON OS mode with following settings

  • phacDiscLoop_SetConfig(&sDiscLoop, PHAC_DISCLOOP_CONFIG_TYPEV_DEVICE_LIMIT, 4) .


3. “NfcrdlibEx5_ISO15693” Logs 


*** ISO 15693 Example ***

Line: 323   Error - (0x4021) has occurred : 0xCCEE CC-Component ID, EE-Error code. Refer-ph_Status.h


Ready to detect


Type V / ISO 15693 / T5T Detected


UID:  5D 17 D2 27 50 01 04 E0



Read Data from Block 3

Read Success

The content of Block 3 is: 75 04 10 00


--- End of Read Operation ---


Write data to Block 3

Write Success


--- End of Write Operation ---


--- End of Example ---



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