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abort CAN trans

Question asked by Wade Whitehorn on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by lama

I am using a 9S12XEQ384 and a 9s12DG256 with the same code for CAN initialisation at 500K baud and processing interrupts.  Both processors do the same as far as CAN retry.


The problem I want to solve is that sometimes I can upset the bus and it will retry a transmission about 150us after the last failure to send.  This never gives the bus any chance to send any other messages.  It never goes buss off.  From what I understand it should leave the bus alone for around 2.8ms.


I am trying to abort the CAN messages I have pending, but I don't think my processor should take over the bus.

Is there something in my initialisation that may cause this.  Is there an auto off bus recovery I am missing?


I can see the transmit and receive error counters go up to about 130 to 135 when the above happens.   Should it not get to 254 and go bus off?



Wade Whitehorn