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Exclude from build directories disappearing

Question asked by giovanni casoli on Feb 1, 2017
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I am using CW 10.7 for MCU on a board based on 56F8025.

I have several build configurations, and each creates its own directory, where all results of the build process are stored. Among them, there's an s-record file, that has ".S" extension. This is a problem, because ".S" is recognized as assembly file, and the IDE tries to assemble it. To avoid this, I have excluded the build configuration directories from build.

A side effect of this is that they are not greyed and striked through, like single files, but they disappear from the project browser and there is no way to access them from within the IDE. This happens only with build configuration directories, not with other directories that I create manually.

Even from the Debug configurations window elf files aren't found if I click on the "Browse project" button, because they aren't considered part of the project anymore. The only way to "see" them is using the "Browse" button, but this is quite annoying, since an absolute path is not portable.

An attempt I would like to try is excluding just the ".S" files from build, but this is annoying again, because elf files have a name that includes firmware version, and I need to exclude from build a new file for each version I create.

Is there a way to prevent CodeWarrior from hiding project directories that are excluded from build?


Any hints?


Giovanni Casoli