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Problem while debugging program. RFID module MF RC522.

Question asked by Robert Chaim on Feb 1, 2017


I use the LPC1769 and i have a problem that i can't deal with. It's my first time dealing with LPC programming.

After building a program i have no errors but when i run debugger there is :

"No source available for "semihost_exit() at 0x1f60".

The program is about reading RFID tag ID using module MF RC522. Program is downloaded from and i'm using their libraries. Program was originally written for Arduino but after making few adaptations i managed (or not  ) to use it with my board. 

If you understood what i was trying to ask you about  please give me some advice because i have completely no idea how to do with it.


Here is a screen of problems that pops up after running debugger.

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