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Power Measurement Tool 'Unable to connect to and initialize probe'

Question asked by mikkoroth on Feb 1, 2017
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I am trying to conduct a series of power measurements using the Power Measurement Tool plugin.

The first measurement using the plugin after connecting the USB and downloading the CMSIS-DAP (default) firmware works fine. When trying to start a second measurement by pressing the "start data collection" button in the plugin, the plugin reports "Unable to connect and initialize probe". Connecting to the probe via the Redlink Server seems to work though. Could this be a bug in the plugin? The only way I am able to conduct a new measurement is to power cycle the board (disconnect USB cable, reconnect and re-download the firmware).


I have tested this on two development boards with the same result: LPCXpresso54114 (OM13089) and LPCXpresso54102 (OM13077). I'm using the LPCXPresso IDE v8.2.2 on a Xubuntu 16.04.

Is there a way to avoid power cycling the development board after the first measurement to conduct multiple measurements in a row?


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