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imxv4l2sink change issue

Question asked by Reuel Haavrahami on Feb 1, 2017
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We are using gstreamer dynamic changing pipeline. Using the imxv4l2sink works fine when one does not want to remove or change the sink on the fly.

A simple test when the pipe is running, we put the sink to NULL and back to PLAYING the whole pipe crashes and the last output on the debug shows the following error

imxv4l2 gstimxv4l2.c:1686:gst_imx_v4l2_free_buffer: freed buffer more than allocated.

A quick look at the code seems like when allocating memory the function returns (not performing anything) and printing to debug

GST_INFO ("USERPTR mode, needn't allocate memory.\n");

When looking at the free_buffer function, it seems to try and free things that have not been allocated.


Has this been taken care of in some version or is there a work around?

GStreamer Core Library version 1.4.5

 Linux imx6qsabresd 3.14.52-g29edc48-dirty #67 SMP PREEMPT