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Yocto - Image build fails because "nothing RPROVIDES libavresample"

Question asked by Adrien Faure on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by gusarambula



I am trying to build a custom Yocto image based on core-image-base for my iMX6 based board SECO A62J. I use Hob to do this.


After having selected my machine, my layers and my image, I custom my packages list by adding chromium. This automatically select libexif and libav which are Chromium dependencies. The build of the packages is successful


The last step is the build of the image, and this is where my problem appears. I select the packages I want to include in my image, including Chromium, libexif and libav (and its dependencies).

And I got those errors :

Nothing RPROVIDES 'libavresample' (but /home/adrien/fsl-release-bsp/build_anna/recipes/images/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)


Required build target 'fsl-image-gui-edited-20170131-144607' has no buildable providers.
Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['fsl-image-gui-edited-20170131-144607', 'libavresample']


However, the library is built successfully and can be found  under my build directory in sysroots/"machine_name"/usr/lib/



What am I missing here?

Thank you for your kind help