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How to connect the asynchronous memory of the MPC567XEVB.

Question asked by Choi yu-rim on Jan 31, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by Choi yu-rim

I want to control the WIZnet module with the EBI block of the MPC567XEVB.

- WIZnet modeul is WIZ830mj.

- I will connect the WIZnet module to the EBI block of the MPC5674F in the form of Asynchronous memory.

Currently, 4Mbit SRAM (CY7C1338G) is connected to EBI of MPC567XEVB.

I need some sample information related to this.

And I would like some help information if you have some example information that you can link to Asynchronous memory form EBI.

or, if you have sample imformation related to EBI, I'd like to get help.


I look forward to receiving all the help.

Thank you.  


Yu-Rim Choi.