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MQX USB port vs FTDI interfaces?

Question asked by Paul Mateer on Jan 31, 2017

I have a CDC communications device that is running "MQX Vitual Com Demo" and I need a USB host bridge to connect it to another micros UART.  For some reason I can not connect to it using any of the FTDI products.  I am being told by them it is not "standard"  I have also tried several other USB bridge devices with no luck. I can get them to enumerate and connect but can never get my data to transfer.   I can connect to it via the PC though.   The device manufacture comes up as "Freescale Semiconductor inc" and the product description as "MQX Virtual Com Demo"....VID = 0x2504 and PID = 0x300.  There are 3 end points...0x81 in/interrupt, 0x82 in/Bulk and 0x83 out/Bulk.  Any idea what the issue is???