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questions on nxp FRDM-K22F board

Question asked by marcello ioppolo on Jan 30, 2017

Good morning,
I am trying to develop a zigbee application consisting of a controller and 12 end devices. The network should have the following features:
Beacon enabled mode with a beacon interval of 60 milliseconds.
Mesh mode enabled.
End device collect all the 11 rssi samples along the links and transmit them to the controller every 3 milliseconds, that
is in 60 milliseconds the controller receives 12 array each one consisting of 11 rssi from the end devices.
Controller transmit the rssi to the laptop via virtual com.
since I cannot develop pcb and print a customised board i am looking for a prototyoping board with rf transceiver.
does nxp FRDM-K22F board used with nRF24L01+ Nordic 2.4 GHz radio satisfy my requirements?
do you have a ready to use software stack that let the end devices communicate within the network communicate?