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Ntag i2c plus - bidirectional communication

Question asked by Kai Buechler on Jan 30, 2017
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I'm doing a bidirectional communication between a android phone and a microcontroller in the following sequence:


  1. the phone writes data to sram
  2. the micrcontroller reads the data from the phone
  3. microcontroller writes data to the sram
  4. phone reads the data from the microcontroller
  5. start all over again (read write is always done to the same addresses)


The Problem I see is, that the data written at step 3. is only successfull for the first cylce. The i2c write is alright, but the phone does not read the new data, it always reads the values from the first cycle


I quess my seassion Register configuration does not match for the 2nd cylce, has someone a idea here?