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Example for using CCM_CLKO1 on i.MX7D?

Question asked by Jonah Petri on Jan 30, 2017
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I'm a bit confused as to how the i.MX7d's CCM_CLKO1 and CCM_CLKO2 are intended to be used.  I see that there are entries in the devtree bindings for the root src, the dividers, etc, but I don't see the expected entries for the clocks themselves.


#define IMX7D_CLKO1_ROOT_SRC       338
#define IMX7D_CLKO1_ROOT_CG       339
#define IMX7D_CLKO1_ROOT_DIV      340
#define IMX7D_CLKO2_ROOT_SRC      341
#define IMX7D_CLKO2_ROOT_CG       342
#define IMX7D_CLKO2_ROOT_DIV      343
#define IMX7D_CLKO1_ROOT_PRE_DIV    406
#define IMX7D_CLKO2_ROOT_PRE_DIV   407

I would also expect to see IMX7D_CLKO1_ROOT_CLK and IMX7D_CLKO2_ROOT_CLK.  Is it hiding somewhere that I haven't found yet?  Or is there a different name for those clocks?


More broadly, is there an example of these clocks being used anywhere?