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porting FRDM KL27Z64 demo project to KL27Z32

Question asked by PO220 on Jan 29, 2017
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I'm using a KL27Z32 for full speed usb.

In the attached project I try to port the usb_device_cdc_vcom FRDM_KL27Z (kl27z64) demo project to a KL27Z32 project


The project compiles but usb don't works :

in usb_device_class.c

if ((NULL != s_UsbDeviceCommonClassStruct[count].handle) &&
            (controllerId == s_UsbDeviceCommonClassStruct[count].controllerId))
            return kStatus_USB_Error;

return USB_error.


USB Stack User's Guide describe a method to Porting to a new plateform but since KSDK 2.1 I can not make it work.

Before I could import an example with import => existing ...

But since 2.1 KSDK, projects no longer compile with this method with a lot of error


Now to import a project I have to go through file=>new=>kinetis SDK 2.0 project

but I can not change platform with this method


What is it missing in my test Z32 project ?


How to use the demo for KL27Z64 with a KL27Z32 ?


Thank you in advance

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