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BUG: Pin Expert losing critical data!

Question asked by Dave Nadler on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by Dave Nadler

Kinetis Expert, PC version, *** About NXP Configuration Tools: Installed tools: Pins (2.0) Clocks (1.0)

Yesterday I used Pin Expert, exported pin_mux.h and pin_mux.c, and saved MEX file.
Project built and ran perfectly.


Today I use the same MEX file, but many pin names are missing.
If I export the c/h files, my project no longer builds!


If I start Pin Expert and import yesterday's working pin_mux.h and pin_mux.c files,
it does not import many definitions including BOARD_INITMFW2_POWER_RAIL_ON_OFF_GPIO.


In the attached ZIP are the generated files from yesterday (which are OK), and the MEX file (which if loaded seems to have lost lots of definitions).


Best Regards, Dave


PS: To easily reproduce problem: Import the pin_mux.c/h files, then export.
Compare the input and output files to see all the lost information.

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