Pedro Navarro

RapidIO Doorbell management with T4240

Discussion created by Pedro Navarro on Jan 27, 2017

My question is regarding RapidIO. I have to migrate code from P4080 to T4240 and I have seen that in T4240 doorbell management ( message , streaming ,.. ) is in charge of RMAN.


I am using vxWorks ( with P4080 and we coded all drivers related to RapidIO (doorbell, message unit,....etc). In fact it is not so much, because the most of code is configuration. I my manage quite well the concepts of LAW, ATMU and RapidIO.


I have been  reading T4240DPAARM document where RMAN is explained and to be honest I am not sure if i have caught the whole picture.


I have understood that in DPPA Frame Descriptior (FD) is a central concept. For example I am not sure if I need to program BMan and FMan in order to send/receive a doorbell.  I guess that I have to configure properly some resources an write some FD in memory in order to send a doorbell.


I have seen that there is a NetComm Software GA 4.7 but I am not sure if that software can help me  in order to understand and reduce the learning curve to put to work the doorbell management.


Can anybody suggest me the best way to approach to that work?