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TWR-KV58 Development Platform CMSIS-DAP and MQX Support

Question asked by Mark Sample on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2017 by soledad

Hello, A customer recently received a TWR-KV58 Kit and has a few questions.


Q1. We were unable to get CMSIS-DAP debugging working the Kinetis Design Studio.  It looks like the version of OpenOCD that kinetis is using needs updating.  Are there plans to support the Cortex M7 with OpenOCD? If so when can we expect that to be available?  Then we tried CMSIS-DAP debugging with Keil.  It also gave errors indicating that it was not able to read memory in the Peripheral memory area. 


Q2. In reference to MQX, it looks like version 5 is supported by some of the NXP Cortex parts, but we have not found any support for the Cortex M7.  Is there support for the Cortex M7? If so when can we expect that to be available and what would we need to do to get that support?


Thank in advance for your help!