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[i.MX6 history] Does anybody know what this Freescale board is?

Question asked by DiegoFSL on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by gusarambula

Hi i.MX Community,


I'd like to kindly as if anybody knows what this board listed here is:

NXP / FREESCALE i.MX6Q: i.MX 6Quad - SABRE Board for Smart Devices 

It is advertised in the title as a "i.MX6Quad SABRE SD" but it is very different to the regular SABRE SD:

  1. PCB is red instead of green
  2. production year is 2011 instead of 2012
  3. layout is very different
  4. I can't seem to spot the i.MX6Q SOC on the PCB, the one in the center is a Micron chip
  5. the board is labelled "MX6QCPUPOP" instead of "MCIMX6Q-SDB"
  6. serial number is very low, it's "S/N 0006"


Is it some kind of SABRE SD prototype or something else?


Any kind of information or help will be really appreciated.