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Question asked by Maximilian Gastager on Jan 26, 2017
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we use the MMPF0200 (F6 configuration) for the supply of a custom i.MX6 solo board.

On my Board, SWBST and VGEN2 are not starting up. I get 0V at VGEN2, and 3.6V at SWBST (no switching).


I think, this may be correct for the F6 configuration. According to table 8, the sequence for this voltages is "-", so this voltages will never start up.


Is this correct?

Are there any details available for this configuration, aside from table 8 in the datasheet?

This is not a issue, since these voltages are unused on my board. But i need to verify, this is not due to an error in my circuit.


Thanks for any help in advance!