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periph_sdmmc not working on LPC43s67

Question asked by SAGAR PATIL on Jan 26, 2017

Hi All,

I am using LPC43s67 EVM Board, as per design requirement i have to use micro sd card with SDIO interface,

so in my custom design am using micro sd card connector PFA,

i am attaching connection i made for micro sd card,

confusing for me is that in LPCopen periph_sdmmc code DAT3 pin is assigned  to P1.12 and CD pin is assigned to P1.13,

but in my connection i can not use CD and DAT3 pin as it is a single pin coming from micro sd card,

so tried connecting CD/DAT3 pin on micro sd card to P1.13 of EVm Board but card is not getting detected,

i tried giving directly GND signal to P1.13 and CD/DAT3 pin of micro sd card to P1.12 of EVM Board ,

so here card acquire is getting failed,

is there any issue in periph_sdmmc or in my design or i have to change something,

i have attached all the related files,

please suggest it will be helpful for me,