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How to change BaudRate between PICC and PCD with MF RC522?

Question asked by Juan Pedro Gonzalez on Jan 25, 2017
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I need some info on how to change the Baud rate between the PICC and the PCD with a MF RC522.


I've sent the Request ATS command and got the response. When I send the PPS at 106 kBps there is no problem (default values)... If I send 212 kbps and set TxModeReg to 0x90 (CRC enabled and 212 kbps) and RxMode with the same value and set ModWidthReg to 0x13 (half of the working value for 106 kBps) it works fine... but at 424 and 848, althugh they are supported by the PICC I start getting timeouts. I've tried ModWidth as 0x0A and 0x09 (None work) for 424 Kbps and for 848 Kbps 0x05.

Is there any code showing how to change the baud rate? Any helpfull link, code, or info would be great as I'm running mad reading the datasheet and there must be something I'm going over and over but not getting focused on it.