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Dual display functionality support on custom board based on iMX6 running Yocto

Question asked by Alexey Lugovskoy on Jan 26, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2017 by Alexey Lugovskoy

Hello, Everyone!


1. System description:

We are using a custom boards with iMX6Solo and iMX6Quad processors from different h/w vendors. The requirement is to bring up dual display functionality on these boards. We use standard Yocto 2.2 with layer meta-fsl-arm from and Wayland/Weston graphics packages. Weston backend uses fbdev.

Additional Weston command line options for running graphics in dual display configuration are the following:

weston --tty=1 --use-gal2d --device=/dev/fb0,/dev/fb2


Packet version:







2. Problem description

 We tried to bring up dual display functionality on h/w boards and configurations described above. For all configurations we observe the the same issue - on a first display (no matter it's HDMI or LVDS/LCD) graphics work in a proper way without glitches and blinks; on a second display we always observe blinks and glitches/artifacts on open windows during cursor movement and input events. This can be reproduced with 32/16 bpp and does not depend on resolution. 


We can't determine the root cause of this problem. Has anyone successfully brought up dual display configuration using iMX6 Yocto with imx-gpu-viv_5.0.11.p4.5? Any suggestions how to workaround the issue described above?


Thanks in advance!