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ls1043 usb 3.0 controller in host mode

Discussion created by jj p on Jan 26, 2017

Hello *,
I try to configure USB 3.0 controller on an ls1043ardb. I use a stack that already working

on x86 real and virtual targets. On these architecture xHCI controller is accessed through PCI.

I try to port this stack on arm-v8 architecture.


Documentation (QorIQ LS1043A Reference Manual, Rev. 2, 11/2016)
seems pretty poor concerning initialization of DWC3 register set.


There is something in " Initializing global registers" but it doesn't describe
the process and values to be set in registers for host mode.

Except u-boot driver or linux kernel driver there is no explanation about
how this controller works..


For the moment, when a device in plugged in USB1 connector linked to USB1 controller

PORTSC_PR bit is written in PORTSC register and an IRQ is received with bits

USBSTS_PCD and USBSTS_EINT set in USBSTS register.

Moreover IP bit is set in IMAN[0] (0 for interrupter 0). So every seems all right except.. event ring.

The problem comes from *event ring* that creates *no* event.. xHCI controller

is supposed to generate a "Port Status Change Event TRB" (See xHCI specification revision 1.1



Do you know where I can find a documentation that explains how to configure
the USB 3.0 controller as *host only* properly?

I don't find something relevant in OTG chapter.