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Custom Board Support BeeStack #else /* gTarget_UserDefined_d */ no MCU_MKW24D512

Question asked by Atilla Mete Turedi on Jan 25, 2017



I am trying to figure out the beestack port configurations. I have a custom board so gTarget_UserDefined_d should be 1.

In this case the macros include some headers given the MCU defined however even though there are tons of boards only a few MCU's in the PortConfig.h. Is this because other MCUs are covered by the boards? What should I do where I have a custom board that I want to adjust the port control registers of?


And also what is the explanation of that the code was generated with gTarget_UserDefined_d = 0 even though I selected custom target and MKW24D512 MCU during BeeKit?