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Windows 10 bricking FRDM-K64F kits

Question asked by Nigel Johnson on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2017 by Nigel Johnson

I am teaching a third-year college computer engineering course in micro controllers. I have just migrated from the 9S12 using Codewarrior to KDS 3.2.0 using the FRDM-K64F and SDK 2.1.


I have 40 or so FRDMK64F kits and in our third lab the kits have started being unable to load programs when we go to debug with CMSIS-DAP.  The first lab was to load a sample program The boards are showing up as an mbed flash drive as well as an mbed com port, but thelittle red LED beside the green LED near the SDA connector is dimly on and it won;t load anything.


I have now lost 6 boards due to this problem!  Anybody else have this, or a solution?


I have tried reloading the boot block on alinux system and get the same problem. the boot code is version 226.


Any help urgently appreciated!


Nigel Johnson