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MPC5746R "IO Signal Description and Input Multiplexing Tables.xlsx" Question

Question asked by Eric Karr on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2017 by Martin Kovar



Within the reference manual for the MPC5746R, the above mentioned document can be found as an attachment for knowing required pin configuration information. 


In the "IO Signal Table" sheet of the aforementioned document, sometimes the "MSCR SSS" column contains a '-' instead of an 8 bit number. I previously assumed that a dash ('-') meant to use the same MSCR SSS code used previously. But I now see in the sheet that if the same MSCR SSS code is to be used, it's typically duplicated. I have attached a screen shot with an example:


Capture from Input Signal IO and Muxing Sheet.

You'll see the dash I'm referring to in the highlighted row, as well as the duplicated values in last two rows. What MSCR SSS value do I use when configuring SIN_0?


Thanks in advance for clearing up any confusion.