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MPC5676R GPIO Behavior / Datasheet unclear

Question asked by Joachim Hofmann on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2017 by David Tosenovjan

SPC5676R  - Version Clarification / Behavior of Flexray GPIO Pins at Reset


Dear Team,

I would like to get clarification with regards to the Advance Datasheet MPC5676R Rev. 4, 16 Feb 2016


On page 85ff the Flexray/GPIOs are described with respect to their during and after RESET behavior.


A text denotes two options "for REV1 Devices" and for all other devices.

See Attachment


Currently Revision "K3" is current with a corresponding Maskset and Errata Document 3N23A.


It is totally unclear what "Revision 1" is supposed to be and what behavior these Pins on K3 devices really have.


Please clarify.


With regards

Joachim Hofmann