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Kinetis W Series (MKW24D512) Programming basic example like LED Flashing using IAR (EWARM) request

Question asked by Atilla Mete Turedi on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

Greetings everyone,


My current role involves creating a ZigBee coordinator device using a MKW24D512 which is connected to i.MX6 processor via SPI. I have few questions regarding the system;


  • I will be using IAR Embedded Workbench which sadly has no examples based on the mentioned MCU or anything from W series. Are there any primitive code examples for MWK24D512 that I can check out like basic LED flashing or etc.?
  • What bootloader should I be using? There is no W series related file in Kinetis Bootloader 2.0.0 so I assume that is not an option?
  • I will be using BeeKit for ZigBee application development. Is the output of the BeeKit directly deployable to the MCU? Does it include everything a bare metal MCU needs to operate (bootloader, drivers and etc.). 
  • i.MX6 needs to control MKW24D512 over SPI or I2C. UART was not connected in the design. Can I send SPI commands over to the Kinetis related to ZigBee such as network creation, adding/removing devices, controlling peripherals. (I realize I will need to implement an SPI layer that maps SPI commands to ZigBee functions).