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Bootloader for coldfire 52235 with an external flash memory

Discussion created by Fabien Jolimet on Jul 15, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2008 by Mark Butcher

I'm trying to make a bootloader for the coldfire 52235 with an external flash memory.
I succeed in programing the external flash memory with a binary file, now I would like to make a bootloader which check in the flash memory if there is a new application to load and then load this new application to the internal memory of the coldfire.

I don't really know how can I have a bootloader in the beginnig of the internal flash and the application in the other part of the internal flash memory.
Do I need to have two differents projects and how can I make the link between the two projects?

Could somebody help me about this or show me some exemple ?

For information : I use the IDE CodeWarrior 7.0



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