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Can Not Register While Using MSCAN_KEA_DEVD Driver For Test

Question asked by Bright Wang on Jan 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by Hui_Ma

I'm Using MSCAN_KEA_DEVD Driver For My Kineties EA Projects Upon TRKEA128  Board. While Testing Load Balance I Find Something Error With MCU Reg. When I Get A Bytestream With Data Field Full Of 00 / 0XFF The Receving Thread Will Be Stuck In. No In-coming Message Will Changes The Reg But A Working Counter Here . It Is To Say I Cannot Read Any Update In Reg But Counter Is Still Working:


MSCAN_CANCTL0 0x98 0x40024000
MSCAN_CANCTL1 0xc4 0x40024001
MSCAN_CANBTR0 0x01 0x40024002
MSCAN_CANBTR1 0xdc 0x40024003
MSCAN_CANRFLG 0x00 0x40024004
MSCAN_CANRIER 0xff 0x40024005
MSCAN_CANTFLG 0x07 0x40024006
MSCAN_CANTIER 0x00 0x40024007
MSCAN_CANTARQ 0x00 0x40024008
MSCAN_CANTAAK 0x00 0x40024009
MSCAN_CANTBSEL 0x02 0x4002400a
MSCAN_CANIDAC 0x00 0x4002400b
MSCAN_CANMISC 0x00 0x4002400d
MSCAN_CANRXERR 0x1f 0x4002400e
MSCAN_CANTXERR 0x00 0x4002400f


Does Anyone Has Same Problem?