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USB Dongle Licensing

Question asked by David MOUREU on Jan 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by stanish



Trying to set my new CodeWarrior USB Dongle license in CodeWarrior IDE (CodeWarrior for MPC55xxMPC56xx v2.10.exe) but I can't :


First I install my Dongle driver FLEXId_D.exe and plug the dongle into my USB port (DiverUpdate.PNG).

Then I find my FlexId with LMTOOLS (FlexID.PNG).


I generate my dongle license (Step1.PNG Step2.PNG) and copy it in my CodeWarrior installation root directory (Program Files (x86)\freescale\CW...\.).


Finally I run CW-IDE but it doesn't "recognize" the dongle (CW-IDE-DongleID.PNG).


For more information let's see all attached files.


Can you tell me what I can do ? my mistake ?