Mike Bounds

Power comparison of the NXP S08LL16 with MSP430 4618

Discussion created by Mike Bounds on Jan 23, 2017

Hi, I am looking for further information on the power comparison of the NXP MC9S08LL16 with TI MSP430 4618 as described in the whitepaper http://www.nxp.com/assets/documents/data/en/white-papers/S08LL16PWRCMPWP.pdf where is says "Standby Current as reported in Data Sheet".  I have looked in:
NXP MC9S08LL16 - http://www.nxp.com/assets/documents/data/en/data-sheets/MC9S08LL16.pdf 

TI MSP430FG461x, MSP430CG461x - http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/msp430fg4618.pdf 


So I have the following queries

  1. Where does the 3.3uA figure come from for the NXP MC as I cannot see a value of 3.3uA in the "Table 9. Supply Current Characteristics" on page 27

  2. Where does the 9.8uA figure come from for the MSP430 as I cannot see a a value of 9.8uA in section "5.4 Supply Current" on page 16.  On this page, I did note that LCDCPEN = 0, which means the LCD charge pump is disabled and the table in section 5.14 (page 21) says this consumes 3uA, but I still can't get 9.8 by adding 3 to the values in the supply Current table - Example:
    Max current for Power mode LPM3 in 4-mux mode at 25°C and 2.2V  = 5.5uA so adding 3uA for charge pump gives 8.5uA

  3. For the Run Time for the last column where only updating TOD is occurring, is the TOD being updated once a minute or once a second (or once every 2 seconds for NXP).