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Definition of multiple-point fault detection interval

Question asked by Yixin Wu on Jan 20, 2017

Hello community,


As we develop a system (based on MPC5744P and MC33907) with safety requirements, so we should follow the safety measures, which are mentioned in the FMEDA report from PCB-designer and MCU-producer (NXP). In this report, we have found a point, which is mentioned by every part (CORE, power, clock and so on...).


The mean time between resets is shorter than the multiple-point fault detection interval. (Comment to this requirement: The time between power-up / reset and reset / power-down is longer than the time interval to detect latent fault. In case time is longer, reset may no longer be taken into account as latent failure measure for single event upsets.)


We consider that our mean maintenance interval 4 months is the mean time between resets for us. But how is this multiple-point fault detection interval defined? is there any concrete example for this?


Thank you in advance.