LPC541xx performance: Different DMIPS but similar coremark?

Discussion created by kembed on Jan 21, 2017
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I was looking at LPC54102 and LPC54114 MCUs (both dual core MCUs M4F/M0+ but different flash and RAM) when I found that their DMIPS is very different. Here is the link LPC541XX|NXP .


LPC54102 - 220 DMIPS
LPC54114 - 125 DMIPS


Even though they have different DMIPS, their coremark performance is very similar, ~2.6 iterations/MHz for both MCUs when M4F is active. (I have also attached pics from datasheet)


Could someone please explain why these MCUs have so different DMIPS when both MCUs have exact same processor cores? Is this a mistake on the website or there are some other factors that affect MCU performance this much?