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LPC5411x Altium Schematic Symbol

Question asked by stefanh on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by Shilpa Nayak

I am looking for the schematic symbol for the LPC5411x for Altium Designer.


NXP provides Altium-Libraries for the LPC11x-series, but none for the more recent microcontrollers. Once the symbol exists, the 64pin package and 3D step-file can then easily be created in Altium Designer within seconds.


If someone has a schematic symbol for this part, please let me know, since creating it takes painful hours!

(I have discovered the schematic symbol in the schematic for the LPCXpresso54114 DevBoard (see picture attached). Since it is developed by NXP themselves, I'm sure the schematic symbol exists somewhere!)


(@NXP - please release libraries for your parts for use with ECAD softwares, or no one will be able to use it - and most probably will use different parts.. SAD!  )