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PN7462 Low Power Consumption Solutions

Question asked by Jack Chan on Jan 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Jack Chan

Hi, Ladies and Gentalments,


I am using PN7462 CCID example with USB selective suspend and remote wakeup features.

When the device is entering suspend mode and insert a smart card, the card reader could be wakeup and work fine.

But it doesn't work if I am using nfc cards. The system will keep in the suspend state.

Becasue of the power consuption consideration, I am trying following solutions


1. RFLD: From the datasheet, PN7462 can detect RF level during sleep/standby mode. I am trying to change the wakeup config in the example code, but it doesn;t work for me. Does NXP have  any document/examples to explain how to config RFLD to make system wakeup.

2. LPCD: From the documents, it says Low Power Card Detection function can save power by donfig the polling time. When I set the PHAC_DISCLOOP_CONFIG_ENABLE_LPCD feature to true in phExCcid_Clif.c and measuring the polling signal from anntena, the polling time is the same as the PHAC_DISCLOOP_CONFIG_ENABLE_LPCD was set to false. How dshould I do to enable LPCD feature on PN7462?


Any recommendation will be appreciated.