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Question asked by Mattias Törnblad on Jan 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by Mattias Törnblad

I have been trying out the Thread samples from "Kinetis MKW2xD and MCR20A Connectivity Software(REV 1.0.1)", but in all my tests the shell do not seem to work! I am running them on FRDM-KW24D512. The behavior is as below. Have tried to connect them to different kind of terminal software and try different linebreak formats. Any ideas what might be wrong? The project is cloned with the tool included in the Connectivity Software.


SHELL starting...
NXP Thread v1.1.1.6
Enter "thr join" to join a network, or "thr create" to start new network
Enter "help" for other commands

$ thr join
Unknown command 't' - try 'help'

$ help
Unknown command '' - try 'help'