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How to achieve  Scalar functionality dynamically on imx6?

Question asked by Ambika . on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2017 by Wigros Sun

Scalar support tested:


We have checked the scaling by converting the low resolution image (.bmp or any format) to raw data by referring  ipu-examples release notes - v0.1 | NXP Community 

Then up-scaled the raw data to higher resolution(say 1920*1080) using IPU and dumped(up-scaled raw data) on respective high resolution LVDS display.
Raw data now fits properly on the Full HD display.




Now the query is we will be doing multiple activities in time, and is it possible to achieve the scaling dynamically??


Consider the Frame buffer size to 800*480 and the display connected is 1920*1080  to the processor (Not sure whether we can configure like this).

Scaling of famebuffer using IPU from 800*480 to 1920*1080
When with the above setup, contents frame buffer should be scaled using internal scalar of the processor to 1920*1080 and dump on FHD display.


Is there any procedure do the same.


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