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Question asked by Jace Walton on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2017 by Alice_Yang

I am working on the MK22FX512VLK12

I have noticed that Even though I have PTA:Init_GPIO when I use GPIO1:GPIO_LDD I need to use an Init function even though an Init function already exits in the PE_LOW_level_init(); function.


to elaorate

in main() > PE_low_level_init()

there is a function PTA_Init()

and when I used GPIO1:GPIO_LDD 

(under typical usage)


I see that I need another init function?

Component documentation - Typical Usage

LDD_TDeviceData *MyGPIO1Ptr;  void main(void) {   ...   MyGPIO1Ptr = GPIO1_Init((LDD_TUserData *)NULL);        /* Initialize the pins */   GPIO1_SetFieldValue(MyGPIO1Ptr, Bus, 0b1100U);         /* Configure the output value */   /* Output values: PTA12 = 0, PTA13 = 0, PTA14 = 1, PTA15 = 1 */ }

Why are there two init functons? could I use GPIO as well as the other periphrials without the LDD device?