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MMZ09332BT1 pin 4,5

Question asked by Alexandr Bezgin on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by LPP


We want to use MMZ09332BT1 in the 400 MHz band.

We made a PCB of our transmitter with an output amplifier MMZ09332BT1 with following the example of datasheet for the band of 400-500 MHz. But the output of the amplifier breaks after a short worktime . Vcc1=Vcc2+4,5V. Vbias=3,7V. 

We use FR4 instead Rogers RO4350B.

What is the cause of failure?


Could you send a working evaluation board for the band of 400-500 MHz?

Are pins 4, 5 ground or not?


Aleksandr Bezgin