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RDB1868Cmsis2_uip webserver - cgi function problem

Question asked by ron wal on Jan 19, 2017
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My project is based the RDB1868Cmsis2_uip webserver sample. Hardware is OM130085.


When defining cgi functions in my html page, the page will be created faulty by the webserver

This happens, even if the function doesn´t exist on the the controller,


Let´s say:

I define an input control with "!% name" as value, in order to be updated by the controller.

<input name="Text1" type="text"  value="%! name"/></form>


function myFunction() {



After starting the webserver and loading that page the input control looks like this:

If i than analyze the html page (with F12 inside IE) I can see that the page have been sent faulty by the webserver:

<p><input name="Text1" type="text"  value="                </p>


I am pretty sure, that I didn´t change anything related of the original code.

Does anybody have the same problem or any idea how to solve?


Thanks in advance.

br Ron