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Basic SPI Communication Workflow

Question asked by Christian Ostermeier on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

Hi there,


i am using a LPC1788 on the EmbeddedArtists Eval Board and would like to communicate other devices via SPI.

After including the lpc177x_8x_ssp library i am using the following code to initialise :


SSP_CFG_Type SSP_ConfigStruct;
SSP_ConfigStruct.CPOL = SSP_CPOL_HI;
SSP_ConfigStruct.ClockRate = 1000000;
SSP_ConfigStruct.Mode = SSP_MASTER_MODE;
SSP_ConfigStruct.FrameFormat = SSP_FRAME_SPI;
SSP_ConfigStruct.Databit = SSP_DATABIT_8;




In the main loop i try to do :




Using  a scope i can not see any pulses on the clock line.




What am i missing here ? Can someone point out the basic syntax to read and write a register from/to a SPI-device for me ?