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KSDK2.1 FLASH_xxxxOnce and DMA

Question asked by manfredschnell on Jan 20, 2017
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we use KSDK2.1 with K64 and IAR Workbench.


In our Software we use the functions FLASH_ProgramOnce() and FLASH_ReadOnce() to store and read the MAC and serial number of our device.

The software uses several DMA Services (ADC, I2S, 2x SPI).


When I call one of the functions FLASH_ProgramOnce() or FLASH_ReadOnce() while a DMA access to Memory is active, my System stops at 0xfffffffe <unknown handler>.


It seems to conflict reading from one-time Memory with Software while using DMA with Flash-Memory at the same time.


Can someone tell me something about that correlation?

How can I avoid this situation?


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