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LPC824 ADC issues

Question asked by David Lawrence on Jan 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Ian Benton

The LPC824 ADC hardware triggers are listed incorrectly in LPCOpen (adc_8xx.h). For example, trigger 3 is supposed to be SCT_OUT3, but LPCOpen has"#define ADC_SEQ_CTRL_HWTRIG_CT16B0_MAT0  (3 << 12)".


Secondly, where can I find documentation on ADC timing? In particular, I would like to know how many ADC clock cycles it takes the ADC to execute a single-channel conversion, and whether any additional cycles are consumed to multiplex between channels in burst mode. I cannot find a timing diagram in the user manual or datasheet. The information present in the "static characteristics" section of the datasheet is inadequate because it only specifies the maximum operating frequency of the ADC.